We have an intimate understanding of track survey and design and over 15 years experience working with Australia’s major rail infrastructure providers.

We have seen and resolved all kinds of difficulties and challenges. We are experts in planning for all the likely contingencies and are innovative in overcoming the unlikely ones.

Professional, experienced staff

Our professional staff are trained to conduct highly detailed and thorough investigations and preparation before a project commences. This minimises the potential for problems to arise once the project is underway, and helps our clients manage costs and schedules as expected.

Realistic and economical

Clients always return to us with new business, and refer us to new clients because after working with us they know they can trust that our quotations are realistic, practical, correctly costed and planned, and will be executed to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

In an industry that tends to compete on price, we compete on value for money, experience and excellent service that consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations.

Quality Assurance

Our business success is founded on the consistent delivery of quality, efficiency and reliability.

We use ISO standards to ensure that we continue to achieve industry excellence both in the outcomes of clients’ projects and in our operational processes. Our staff are supported and trained in QA and the ongoing requirements of the ISO:9001:2008 standards. This enables us to continuously improve our services, remain efficient and maintain the highest levels of quality and safety.