Goodwood Junction Grade Separation

Project Description    

  • Brand new dual track in slab on the Seaford line – approximately 300m in length x 2 tracks
  • Permanent Survey control was supplied by the client.
  • New technology known as the Rhotas G5 system was utilised to adjust / fine tune the track position, level, gauge and super elevation.
  • This system utilised a digital gauge bar (known as the ‘digi-bar’) and remote connectivity with a Leica total station. This resulted in instantaneous answers measuring gauge, lift, line and super-elevation. Therefore adjustments to the track could be made in real time and subsequently checked in real time.

Challenges & Outcomes

  • This projected presented a steep learning curve in the development and use of this specialised digi-bar technology.
  • The project was successfully completed on time.

Client: Rhomberg Rail Australia Pty Ltd
Year: 2013

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