Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link

Project Description

  • Brand new dual track branch line extending from Glenfield 42.5km to Leppington Stabling Yard 53.38km (~10.9km)
  • Incorporates 2 loop lines totalling 1.8km, 4 Crossovers, 14 turnouts and 2 stations namely Edmondson Park and Leppington
  • Survey support for track installation and resurfacing, overhead wiring construction
  • Permanent Survey control was established using Leica Viva GS 12 GPS receivers, Leica 1201 Total stations and a Leica DNA digital level
  • Track Control Marks (TCM) were installed and the survey was undertaken and permanent plaques affixed

Challenges & Outcomes
The project presented many challenges which included the destruction of permanent survey control prior to our commencement on site.

The project was completed approximately 12 months ahead of its scheduled completion in April 2015 but was yet to be commissioned at time of writing (June 2014).

Client: John Holland Pty Ltd
Year: February 2013 – May 2014

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