Surveys for permanent plaquing

Meadows Consulting has a long history of conducting surveys to permanently reference a track (or number of tracks) across a variety of networks. Track Control Marks (TCMs) vary between Sydney Trains, ARTC or the CRN networks, and our surveyors have vast experience in plaquing surveys and deep understanding and knowledge of the applicable standards, irrespective of which area the survey is within.

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Track Control Surveys

Meadows Consulting has undertaken numerous Track Control Surveys, both to infill lost or destroyed survey control along a rail corridor, or to establish survey control on a new line. We use data from a range of observations taken from GPS receivers, Lecia Total Stations and digital levels, we then arrive at answers that pass the rigorous mathematical adjustments that are needed to comply with the relevant survey control standards.

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CAD drafting and plan preparation

Meadows Consulting has years of experience of undertaking CAD drafting of many types and for a variety of purposes. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our survey plans and on the clear presentation of the information and detail relevant to the purpose of the survey.

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Platform gap reduction and clearance investigations

Meadows Consulting is regularly asked to undertake surveys on existing platforms to establish how their platform coping compares with the relevant platform gap standard. Standards allow for two types: standard platform or level access platform, and there is currently a push towards level access platforms. We have extensive experience with both standards, and are very familiar with the extremely tight tolerances required in the construction of new platforms, having provided survey support for many platform constructions and renewals over our history.

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Level crossing investigations

From time to time, one of the many intersections between rail and road scattered throughout Australia’s rail network will require review or renewal. Meadows Consulting provides survey support for these that will incorporate:

  • terrain
  • signposting
  • train speeds
  • car speeds
  • sighting distances

Our detail surveys account for road and rail levels, drainage and other considerations to be included at the design stage, before construction takes place. We can prepare a report on the level crossing that will include photographs of all the level crossing features.

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Digital Terrain Modelling (DTM)

Route proposals invariably require detail surveys to be undertaken along the proposed route, and depending on the length of the route, this can often be at small-scale mapping level. Meadows Consulting has the capability to undertake both traditional survey enhancement of the route or detail surveys of strategic areas, as well as developing survey information from non-traditional sources such as GIS systems or aerial photogrammetry.

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Main line deviations and yard rationalisation

Meadows Consulting P/L experienced surveyors have intimate knowledge of turnouts and turnout types. This gives us the capability to undertake surveys of complicated yards efficiently and correctly. Our surveyors’ experience ensures that the designers receive all the relevant information crucial to their design work. Our experience also extends to the checking, validation and subsequent set out of the proposed yard design, which can often include multiple turnouts.

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Detail surveys for bridge renewals

During regular maintenance checks, bridges are often identified as requiring an upgrade, renewal or installation of anti-throw measures. The starting point of any new work on a bridge is an up to date bridge detail survey at two levels: track level and road or culvert/water level. Meadows Consulting has extensive bridge work experience, and has seen many bridges through from early detail surveys to the design and final construction of new bridges.

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Survey for OHW renewal and electrification of track

These surveys typically involve undertaking one or all of the following three phases, all of which are crucial in the construction of wiring or the adjustment of wiring above tracks:

  1. Set out of the proposed OHW structure bases for PPs, FSAMs, cantilevers, portals and signal gantries
  2. Survey checks of the constructed OHW bases
  3. C-Calc surveys: showing the newly constructed OHWS and wires in relation to design alignments and existing tracks

Meadows Consulting has many years of experience in providing these surveys for clients.

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Survey support during track possessions

For many years the staff of Meadows Consulting have supported track possessions, with many types of survey support services for projects including:

  • survey support for track reconditioning and turnout installations
  • track tamping or resurfacing
  • detail and overhead wiring structure (OHW) surveys
  • platform construction
  • permanent plaquing surveys

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