Gold Coast Light Rail – Stage 2

Project Description

In 2016 GoldLinQ announced that CPB Contractors were the preferred design and construction partner for the Gold Coast Light Rail – Stage 2. This stage is 7.3 kilometres long, is dual track and connects the heavy rail at Helensvale to the Stage 1 Light Rail at the Gold Coast University Hospital. The project is estimated to cost about $420 million and was operational for the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

In early 2017, Meadows Consulting P/L was asked to provide survey support to Martinus Rail P/L during the track construction phase. Martinus Rail P/L were engaged by CPB Contractors specifically for the track construction discipline of the project and have been ably supported by us, with track being constructed to tight tolerances.

The 7.3km route consists of ballasted track, embedded track and track slab. The project involved two road and rail interfaces at Napper Road and Olsen Avenue. The project was successfully completed in late 2017.

From all reports the project has been a runaway success and it will provide the area with an efficient, convenient, well patronised public transport system that will service this area of the Gold Coast.

Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT)

Project Description

In June 2016 Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd (MCPL) was engaged to assist the Joint Venture Partners John Holland Pty Ltd and CPB Contractors Pty Ltd on the Northwest Rapid Transit Project.

Our engagement was to provide surveying services in relation to Track and Overhead Wiring construction on the project. Our initial engagement on the project has seen us commence at the stabling facility west of the Cudgegong Road Station precinct known as the Rapid Transit Rail Facility (RTRF). Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd have spent much of 2017 and 2018 working on fixed track on the viaduct.

The project involves the construction of about 23km of new track, some fixed and some ballasted track. The conversion of 13km of existing track between Epping and Chatswood and the construction of 8 new railway stations, namely Cudgegong Road, Rouse Hill, Kellyville, Bella Vista, Norwest, Showground, Castle Hill and Cherrybrook.

The project is estimated to cost $3.7 billion and is due for completion in 2019.

Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd is pleased and proud to be engaged on such a high profile, unique project within the greater Sydney Trains metropolitan area.

Moreton Bay Rail Link

Project Description

Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd successfully completed all survey support for the track construction on the Moreton Bay Rail Link Project during 2015.

Meadows Consulting P/L was engaged by Martinus Rail Pty Ltd to assist with the construction of track on the MBRL project being managed by Thiess Pty Ltd. The project was approximately 12.6km of new dual track stretching from the existing Petrie Station to the new Kippa Ring Station. The project involved the construction of 6 new stations, a stabling facility and the quadruplicating of two existing tracks from Lawnton to Petrie, at an estimated project cost of $1.15 billion.

Our engagement was to provide surveying services in relation to track construction (ballasted and fixed track) and the permanent marking of the track in accordance with Queensland Rail Specifications.

Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd’s staff spent almost 12 months on the project working in the Queensland Rail environment to the plaudits of our client and the project managers Thiess Pty Ltd.

Dapto to Kiama Electrification

Project Description
The electrification of the 25km section of track from Dapto to Kiama was undertaken during 2000-2002.

In this period Meadows Consulting Pty Ltd provided survey support for the required track modifications, Overhead Wiring Structure set out, monumentation and the construction of the new platforms and electrical substations.

Client: Fluor Australia Pty Ltd
Year: 2001

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Epping to Chatswood Rail Link

Project Description
Rail Corporation of NSW were responsible for all the track interface works at Epping and Chatswood for the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link (ECRL).

This involved the difficult staging of works during the available planned track possessions.

Meadows Consulting P/L assisted RailCorp for several years on this project with varying tasks, including support for track modifications, resurfacing activities, platform construction and OHWS surveys.

We were also asked to undertake verification surveys for TIDC in relation to the platform construction at each of the 4 underground stations and their platform coping clearances to the adjacent tracks.

  • Survey support for track modifications
  • Resurfacing activities
  • Platform construction
  • Verification surveys for platform construction
  • OHWS surveys.

Client: Rail Corporation of NSW / TIDC
Year: 2008

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Miranda Track Slab Renewal

Project Description
In July 2014 we were engaged by Sydney Trains to support the construction of two track slabs above Kiora Road, Miranda.

  • Survey connection to existing Sydney Trains control
  • Preparation of design alignments and digital terrain modelling (DTM) of the concrete surface
  • Our surveyors were asked to set out core holes for the Delkor Rail Plates, and other tasks included calculating the packing required under the Delkor Plates and the alignment of the rails.

Client: Sydney Trains
Year: July 2014

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Tootool bridge

Tootool Underbridge Renewal

Project Description
The underbridge at Bullenbung Creek, within the township of Tootool, lies on the Boree Creek Branch Line about 563 kilometres south west of Sydney.

This underbridge consisted of 40 timber trestles all of which were slowly deteriorating and in need of replacement.

We carried out a very detailed survey of the underbridge as well as of the topography, creek and existing track.

The engagement also involved the re-design of the horizontal and vertical alignment, which was required to commence the gradual trestle replacement program.

We eventually replaced the bridge in 2011 (for Rhomberg Rail Australia) using a series of pre-cast concrete culverts.

Client: Australian Rail Track Corporation / Rhomberg Rail Australia
Year: 2005 / 2011

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Goodwood Junction Grade Separation

Project Description    

  • Brand new dual track in slab on the Seaford line – approximately 300m in length x 2 tracks
  • Permanent Survey control was supplied by the client.
  • New technology known as the Rhotas G5 system was utilised to adjust / fine tune the track position, level, gauge and super elevation.
  • This system utilised a digital gauge bar (known as the ‘digi-bar’) and remote connectivity with a Leica total station. This resulted in instantaneous answers measuring gauge, lift, line and super-elevation. Therefore adjustments to the track could be made in real time and subsequently checked in real time.

Challenges & Outcomes

  • This projected presented a steep learning curve in the development and use of this specialised digi-bar technology.
  • The project was successfully completed on time.

Client: Rhomberg Rail Australia Pty Ltd
Year: 2013

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Southern Freight Link

Project Description    

  • Brand new single freight line extending from Villawood 24.4km to Glenlee 58.0km (~33km)
  • Survey support for track installation and resurfacing at the completion of capping layer construction
  • Permanent Survey control was supplied
  • Track Control Marks (TCM) were installed and the survey was undertaken and permanent plaques affixed

Challenges & Outcomes

  • The project presented many challenges which included the fact that live tracks adjoined the 30+ kilometre worksite.
  • The 30+ km of single track was completed in just over 6 months and will eventually link with the proposed Moorebank Intermodal Facility.

Client: Laing O’Rourke Pty Ltd
Year: August 2012 – March 2013

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Glenfield to Leppington Rail Link

Project Description

  • Brand new dual track branch line extending from Glenfield 42.5km to Leppington Stabling Yard 53.38km (~10.9km)
  • Incorporates 2 loop lines totalling 1.8km, 4 Crossovers, 14 turnouts and 2 stations namely Edmondson Park and Leppington
  • Survey support for track installation and resurfacing, overhead wiring construction
  • Permanent Survey control was established using Leica Viva GS 12 GPS receivers, Leica 1201 Total stations and a Leica DNA digital level
  • Track Control Marks (TCM) were installed and the survey was undertaken and permanent plaques affixed

Challenges & Outcomes
The project presented many challenges which included the destruction of permanent survey control prior to our commencement on site.

The project was completed approximately 12 months ahead of its scheduled completion in April 2015 but was yet to be commissioned at time of writing (June 2014).

Client: John Holland Pty Ltd
Year: February 2013 – May 2014

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